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iCONNECT, an Apple preferred reseller backed by a Qatari billionaire, is to increase their Irish workforce to 80 people and introduce a European expansion from Dublin.

The retailer, which belongs to the $1.4 bn (EUR1bn) Al Mana Group, will hire 40 personnel in just weeks for a corporate headquarters and main store in Dublin on Henry Street, the nation's most popular retail street. It will be the 4th store for iConnect, which has revealed 2 Irish shops over the past 10 months and should launch their third in Derry soon.

Al Mana's commercial office, that has the rights to dozens of premium labels within the Middle East, operated by Wissam Al Mana. John McEvoy, a 33-year-old Co Tyrone native which assisted Apple for a number of years before moving to the Middle East, launched and manages iConnect for Al Mana.

The Qatari venture team set aside EUR8m for the Irish initiative, yet is accelerating their plans following a strong performance since it opened, McEvoy stated. "We enjoyed a good 1st year and will do even better next year. We'll have to raise that [financial investment] over the next couple of years."

The Henry Street outlet, in a former Permanent TSB bank branch, will open ahead of Christmas, and the establishment will house iConnect's European HQ. The firm is in discussions regarding other retail sites and might have a 5th Irish establishment launched by the end of the year.

McEvoy explained that iConnect anticipates to offer the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, that were unveiled by Apple lately, available with Meteor in the near future. The Apple Watch, likely to become obtainable at the begining of 2015, ought to drive sales in a typically quiet period for retailers, he stated. "The best detail for me is a watch that must be purchased in-store. Consumers will plan to come in and test the various straps and models prior to purchasing."

iConnect is also finalizing the purchase of a business in Galway, but John McEvoy would not comment on details of the deal.

In March, the company bought Stream Solutions, a Co Cork firm that specialises in Apple support and training, in an agreement valued at EUR1m.

McEvoy stated that iConnect will launch other workplaces with technical employees and merchandise exhibitions targeted at educational and business clients. It will advertise for the latest head-office and retail positions in the coming weeks and plans to populate them all shortly.

McEvoy is furthermore unveiling 10 iConnect shops in Kuwait and Qatar for Al Mana. Wissam Al Mana has mentioned his aspiration is to become the largest Apple preferred merchant worldwide.

Wissam Al Mana had been at the opening of the original iConnect shop in the Liffey Valley mall last November in Dublin. The second outlet opened in the Whitewater mall, in Newbridge, Co Kildare, the following month.

It'll open within the Foyleside mall in Derry soon, and will hire 10 employees. That shop will likely have an Apple maintenance centre, teaching area and technical lab.

Al Mana owns the privileges to roughly forty brands in the Middle East, such as Roberto Cavalli, Hermes and Armani. It holds the McDonald's franchise in Qatar, is the native distributor for Peugeot and Ford and has extensive property pursuits.

Wissam Al Mana is also behind Saks Fifth Avenue establishments in Dubai, Bahrain, Doha and Kuwait. McEvoy mentioned Al Mana was "extremely happy" with iConnect's fast development in Ireland. "You're always likely to be anxious once you invest beyond your nation, yet we are way in front of where we thought we would be. It is family income and they count on me to invest it intelligently."

He mentioned iConnect intended to be a long-lasting presence in the retail sector. "We should have 100 staff by next year."
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